Treatment programmes 

We offer short and  long-term treatment programs designed to detoxify the body, enhance beauty and rejuvenation, weight reduction, anti-aging, anti-stress relaxation, back pain therapies, as well therapies effective for chronic insomnia, headaches or chronic sinusitis.

The treatments can be slighly adjusted according to individual needs and health problems, and can be extended .

For maximum result, tt is recommended to combine the treatments with appropriate diet, usage of herbal suplements, sport according to constitution and physical health and proper relaxation.


Body & Mind Detox

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Detoxification oil programme

This is the prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing the ageing process, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and immunization of the system.

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Slimming programme

It is a good remedy for overweight, slow metabolism, hemi- and tetraplegia, skin diseases, poor circulation and other Kapha disorders.

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Beauty anti-ageing programme

This package helps to bring about the feeling of youth and in improving the skin complexion, the body figure and other factors contributing to beauty.

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Stress management programme

The stress management programme calms down and nourishes the nervous system and helps to flash out the toxins out of the body tissues.

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Back care programme

This is an effective programme for all types of backpain.

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Nasyam therapy

Nasyam is very important treatment for illness in the head region..

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