Mukhalepam is a simple Ayurvedic skin care therapy which includes the application of freshly prepared facial creams and massaging them off after 40 minutes. Mukham in Malayalam means face and lepa, lepana or lepanam means application of a paste. The secret of glowing skin.

This treatment includes a full facial massage and face pack with medicated oils serving to enhance tone and texture, prevent blemishes and ease general skin conditions. The herbal pack contains different herbs made into a paste. It prevents aging of skin, avoids wrinkles and gives a good skin tone. It avoids pigmentation or discoloration of facial skin, and is beneficial in treating sun burn related conditions. The herbal combination is chosen after assessing the skin type of the person and the specific requirements.

40 min | 29,90 Euro

Combined treatments

Mukhalepam 40 min and foot  massage 20 min
60 min | 44,90 Euro

Mukhalepam 40 min and head massage 20 min
60 min | 44,90 Euro

Mukhalepam 45 min and Abhyangam 45 min
90 min | 72,90 Euro