Known as Indian head massage, also called an anti-stress massage. It focuses on relieving muscle tension in shoulders, neck, head and face. It alleviates headaches, eyestrain, relaxes the shoulders and neck.

The head massage promotes hair growth and increases hair quality, and nourishes the scalp. It helps to relieve mental fatigue, irritability, emotional stress, and is also recommended as a complementary therapy for depression and anxiety. It induces a sense of mental peace.

The Indian head massage releases tension in the key areas, alleviates strain, restores mobility of neck and shoulder joints, reduces eye strain, headaches and migraine, and improves blood circulation and circulation in stiff muscles. It balances the central nervous system, stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, helps to release toxins from the body, thus speeding up the overall cleaning of the whole body. It improves the hair quality, reduces sleep disorders and insomnia, increases concentration and promotes clear thinking.

20 min | 19,90 Euro

Combined treatments

Ayurvedic head and face
40 min | 34,90 Euro

Ayurvedic head, face and foot massage
60 min | 49,90 Euro

Ayurvedic head, face, spine and foot massage
80 min | 69,90 Euro

Abhyangam 60 min, head and face massage 40 min
100 min | 79,90 Euro

Podikizhi 60 min, head and face massage 40 min
100 min | 84,- Euro