Podikizhi is effective in the treatment of many diseases caused by disrupted Vatha and Kapha doshas like rheumatic disorder, arthritis, spondylosis and paralysis. Muscular sprain and stiffness can also be prevented using „Sweda” and the treatment is found to tone up the musculature. Kizhi is one of the signature treatments in Ayurveda. In this treatment herbal powders are compressed into small linen bags, and then the full back side, with the focus on back area mainly,  is vigorously massaged after dipping it into warm medicated oil until the warmth induces the skin to sweat.

This therapy helps curing the arthritis, rheumatic conditions, sports injuries, stress and pain of sore joints & muscles, sprain, acute and chronic back pain. See also Back care programme.

60 min | 49,90 Euro

Spinal massage Podikizhi 60 min
Feet or head  massage 20 min
80 min | 59,90 Euro

Spinal massage Podikizhi 60 min
Feet or/and head  massage 20 min
100 min | 69,90 Euro