BEAUTY anti-ageing programme

This package helps to bring about the feeling of youth and in improving the skin complexion, the body figure and other factors contributing to beauty. It rejuvenates the body, helps to reduce body weight, improves skin and complexion as well as restores natural beauty of the body.

3, 5 – days BEAUTY anti-ageing programme

1st day – oil massage Abhyangam (60 min)
2nd day – oil massage Abhyangam (60 min) + head and facial massage (40 min)
3rd day – oil massage bath Pizhichil (60 min) + foot massage (20 min)

4th day – oil massage bath Pizhichil (60 min) + spinal massage (20 min)
5th day – oil massage bath Pizhichil (60 min) + head and facial massage (40 min)


Special price:
* 3-days beauty programme:  230,- Euro
* 5-days beauty programme:  370,- Euro