Darsana is the first ayurvedic center, which was created as the very first of its kind in Slovakia, the capital city Bratislava early 2008. Darsana´s second center opened its doors in July 2012 in the spa town of Piešťany. In July 2018 the third center Darsana was opened, in Piešťany as well.

According to Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, Darsana means “seeing the Divine, seeing the truth, to understand the truth, to have an insight/vision”, or the “vision of the Deity”.

In Darsana you can experience the unique traditional ayurvedic healing massages and treatments provided on authentic massage tables and with special ayurvedic natural products brought from India.  All therapists come from the Indian state of Kerala, which is the country of origin of Ayurveda. Each of them has relevant therapeutic education and long-term experiences with ayurvedic treatments in healthcare facilities in India.

In addition, we offer ayurvedic consultation with a fully qualified Ayurvedic physicians, educational seminars on Ayurveda and sale ayurvedic herbal products and books. We also offer long term ayurvedic treatments in ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, India.

The aim of Ayurveda is to harmonise the vital energies of the body, mind and soul, to protect health and prevent and to cure diseases in natural way, to live long, fullfilled and healthy life.
Experience your Darsana with us.